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Living History Group

"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709

Film about Peter the Great, September 11, 2005.

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An American studio is making series of films about famous monarchs in history, and our club was invited for picture-taking in the film about Tsar Peter.

As is known, reenactors and cinema-men have different views on authenticity shown in a movie. So guardsmen, their uniforms, weapons and drill was authentic according to our standards, while everything else was good enough per 'movie' standards. Looking forward to seeing what comes out on TV!



all together

marching on

drill session before picture-taking

..across sands..

attacking 'Swedes' at Poltava

many takes of running on sand

our team in pole vault

bayonet the camera-man?

After action: corpses, blood and torn limbs

treating woundeds and mistreating prisoners

on a 'seashore'...

...we build Saint-Petersburg!

getting dark...

...but the filming goes on

Tsar aims...

...and fires. Stop camera!

(c) Photos by Jean-Louis Viau

Later in winter we took part in filming winter scenes for the same movie.




Living History Group "Preobrazhensky Life Guards"  2005