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"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709

Onboard Frigate "Shtandart", 27 May 2005.

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27th of May was 302nd anniversary of St.Petersburg. Celebrations included naval festivities on Neva river; "reenactment" of a fight between 'Swedish' sailing ship and Russian row boats (that took place in May 1703 on same very spot) was the main attraction. After we had successfully 'captured' the vessel by boarding, we got excellent opportunity to stay onboard for the whole day. As a marines of Tsar Peter we spent this time in excercises or just walking around the deck and trying to not interfere in sailors' job.

Another bright bit of living history!


Captain Vladimir Martous on the poop


An article about the event was published in local media "Sankt-peterburgskie vedomosti":
() newspaper "Sankt-peterburgskie vedomosti"


See more about frigate on web-site of Project "Shtandart". We express our deepest respect to builders, Captain and crew of the ship for their enthusiasm and wish them good luck in their 4 months long journey!


For historical background of the action on Neva and our first experience with the frigate 2 years ago see our report from May 2003.



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