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"Preobrazhensky Life Guards", 1709


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  • We are a group of enthusiasts who are fascinated with history of early 18th century, military history in particlar. We are non-profit non-political non-militarist voluntary organization. The group is rather loose and geographically spread organization.

  • We represent soldiers of Preobrazhensky Life Guards - elite regiment of Russian Tsar Peter the First - in the period of Great Northern War (1700-1721), in particilar, our uniforms are from 1708 - 1711 period.

  • We re-create uniforms, equipment, weapons, life and tactics of Russian infantry of early 18th century. Since 2003 we have re-enacted marches, combats, camps and sieges from the era of the Great Northern War. We aim to do 'living history'.

  • In our events we aim to represent infantry formations in 1:1 ratio - that is despite we can field only two or three dozens of soldiers, weform in 6 or 4 ranks as is prescribed in regulations. It gives us better feel of infantry tactics and inner mechanics of infantry formation of the period.

  • Most of our members live in St.Petersburg (Russia) - our city was founded in 1703 in course of Great Northern War and there are many historical sites from that period all around and inside the city. Our group has also sections in Narva (Estonia), Riga (Latvia) and Moscow (Russia). Having all sections of our group together we also invite other groups dressed in green-with-red - to form a unit as large and as uniform as possible. Ideally we would like to form one company as it looked in 1709.


Living History Unit "Preobrazhensky Life Guards" (с) 2003